2024 7rd Shanghai International Tourism Homestay Industry Expo



2024 7rd Shanghai International Tourism Homestay Industry Expo


2024 7rd Shanghai International Tourism Homestay Industry Expo


July 3-5 Shanghai - New International Expo Center


      All things to the new, gather momentum and birth, the new upgrade 2024 7th Shanghai International Tourism B&B Industry Expo will be held on July 3-5, Shanghai New International Expo Center - Pudong, plowing the industry for more than eight years. It will continue to build a high-quality, high-level procurement event for the construction and operation of the tourism and lodging industry. With the theme of "welcome the blooming of the potential, empower the future of the B&B", it will revitalize the confidence of the industry and bring together brand suppliers of the tourism and B&B industry from all over the country to the annual exhibition site with a more professional business platform and excellent supporting services. In the future, the exhibition will be further expanded to cover all aspects of tourist attractions and tourist lodging, covering brand lodging, lodging design and construction materials, lodging furniture, lodging supplies, lodging outdoor landscaping, lodging houses, and lodging hotels in the field of preparations for the construction and operation of all kinds of new exhibits and new technologies, and the major thematic exhibition zones and exciting forums will soon be kicked off to build a "high-quality content ecosystem + big data tourism lodging The exhibition will build a one-stop investment⸺construction⸺operation integrated procurement and exchange platform centered on "high-quality content ecosystem + big data tourism B&B insights + creative industry digitization + high-efficiency supply chain system". Comprehensively help enterprises to grasp orders, expand the market, seek business opportunities, plowing East China, layout of the country. July 3-5, with you to witness a tourism B&B industry: a collection of creativity, comfort, trend, aesthetics in one of the new realm!

     During the same period of the exhibition, a series of themes such as design, investment and operation of tourist attractions and lodging will be organized. Forums and salons, design awards, tournaments, creative exhibitions and other diversified activities will be held, inviting top guests of the industry such as lodging, inns, resorts, tourism real estate developers, tourist attractions, cultural and tourism companies, lodging suppliers, designers, investment and franchisees to create a perfect cross-border ecosystem centering on the tourism and lodging industry, to collide ideas and talk about the future of the industry together. We will create a perfect cross-border ecological circle centered on tourism B&B+, collide ideas together, talk about the future of the industry, explore new knowledge, and lead a new trend of tourism B&B+ thinking. The exhibition takes innovation as the entry point, caters to the new market trend, takes advantage of the policy of universal tourism, explores the market demand in depth, lays out the tourism B&B industry market, and brings more professional services and more comprehensive experience to customers at home and abroad.