Qingdao Enterprises Enter Hulunbeier to Promote the High-Quality Development of Culture and Tourism Industry in Both Places



Qingdao Enterprises Enter Hulunbeier to Promote the High-Quality Development of Culture and Tourism Industry in Both Places


Peninsula July 13 (Reporter Wang Yuhan) July 9, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, to promote the cultural and tourism industry to enhance the efficiency of high-quality development of the site into the Deer Burr Forestry Company Karuben National Wetland Park. This activity invited Huilong Feng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. to participate in the exhibition, as a representative of Qingdao enterprises and Hulunbuir City, the relevant enterprises to talk about friendship, talk about cooperation, and work together to build a new pattern of all-area, all-season, all-industry tourism development, and work together to promote the high-quality development of Hulunbuir's cultural and tourism industry.

"Karuben" is Ewenki language, meaning "a place of treasure". As one of the observation points of the site meeting, Karuben National Wetland Park is located in the transition zone between Hulunbeier Prairie and Inner Mongolia Daxing'anling Forest and Grassland, which is a natural ecological safety barrier of Hulunbeier Prairie. By the Erguna River, a tributary of the first level - the Derbuhr River Basin and its four tributaries on both sides of the development of swampy wetlands and Karuben mountain forests together. Participants boarded the Karuben Mountain Observation Deck to enjoy the low-altitude flight performance, view the Karuben wetland landscape, appreciate the magnificence and magic of the natural scenery of the forest area, swim in China's most beautiful birch forest, and go to the wetland to experience the camp to investigate the accommodation clusters tent camps, the new industry of container room.

   It is understood that the Inner Mongolia Deer Burr Karubun National Wetland Park by the "China Green Times" as "China's forest tourism beauty promotion, forest health and wellness 50 good"; "Inner Mongolia Karubun birch forest The "Inner Mongolia Karuben Birch Forest" was selected as one of the second batch of "China's most beautiful forests", becoming one of the 17 places in the country and the only "China's most beautiful forest" in Inner Mongolia.

     As the operator of Karuben National Wetland Park, Li Jianjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inner Mongolia Delubu Forest Industry Co., Ltd. said in an interview that through this activity, the exhibitors from Qingdao have demonstrated the container housing tourism project with great creative characteristics and market prospects, whether it is practicality, aesthetics and adaptability, the project has excellent fit with Hulunbeier's beautiful and magnificent natural scenery. Degree of fit, good faith and high quality of Shandong enterprises are also excellent conditions to promote in-depth cooperation. Next step, the two sides will deepen the cooperation to develop the market and improve the reception capacity to meet the demand of tourists for accommodation in Hulunbeier forest tourism.

On the event, Huilongfeng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. will focus on the development of the enterprise's container lodging project for a comprehensive display, recognized by the leaders of the meeting, but also attracted the attention of many enterprises. With the in-depth development and strong recovery of the culture and tourism industry, people's demand for tourist accommodation is increasing, and container lodging is rapidly becoming a new and emerging form of business in the tourism industry that has attracted much attention. As the main project of Huilongfeng's container house, the application scene in China is very wide and diversified, with six significant advantages, such as anti-seismic and fire prevention, saving productivity, fine quality, low carbon and environmental protection, economic investment, and less construction period, etc. The container house can be used in B&Bs, hotels, museums, and other commercial and cultural and tourism projects, and is also suitable for public scenes such as hospitals and temporary facilities for disaster relief. Now in the form of containers have been in Jinan fourteen middle school school classroom project, Wanda Linyi Binhe Wanda Plaza sales office, Qingdao Port Cruise Terminal Container Tribe, Qingdao Port Container Office Building and Restaurant, and many other places to complete the construction of container projects.

Xue Wei, general manager of Huilongfeng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. said he confidently expects that the two places can strengthen the cultural and tourism cooperation, and hopes that through this activity will be the Qingdao container project into the great beauty of the Hulunbeier scenery, but also hopes to bring back to Qingdao for in-depth promotion of Hulunbeier's very characteristic tourism projects, so as to build up a bridge between Qingdao and Hulunbeier's cultural and tourism exchanges for the future to carry out a more in-depth level, Higher level, larger scale of friendly cooperation to lay a solid foundation.

As one of the organizers of this event, Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Tourism Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Wang Tiegang also to the majority of domestic and foreign tourists, including Shandong tourists, including a sincere invitation to the vast area of Hulunbeier tourism resources are extremely rich, is pure ecotourism, "top stream" one of the destinations, the enthusiasm for tourism after the epidemic has risen rapidly! After the epidemic, tourism enthusiasm quickly rebounded, Hulunbeier is also well prepared to meet the eight guests. The next step, Daxinganling Tourism Co., Ltd. will carry out more innovative attempts and projects to introduce, in order to be more effective, more highlights to improve and enhance the Hulunbeier tourism industry, but also look forward to more Shandong enterprises to participate in the development of Inner Mongolia's culture and tourism industry, and hope that more and more tourists from Shandong can come to Hulunbeier, and personally feel the pure natural, pollution-free environment of the great beauty.