Huilongfeng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co, Ltd.



Huilongfeng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co, Ltd.


Huilongfeng (Shandong) Environmental Protection Equipment Co,Ltd is located in Oingdao, Shandong Province, China. Weare a manufacturer of standard container and special design containers ,we are specialized in production of storagecontainer ,open top container ,side opening container ,shipping container and container house ,we offer a personalizedservice to help meet our customer's container needs with customer's customized colors.loao.and specifications

The company has an experienced and skilled staff team. Our team of highly skilled experts have been in the shippingcontainer industry and produce customized container for many years, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in allareas from sales to transport, conversions to repairs and much more.We alwavs looking forward to have a svnerav with vour business .allowing us to deliver the best customer service in theindustry.